Azure City

The setting of Aspire is Azure City, one of the star attractions of the United Paragon Territories. As the largest city on the East Coast of the UPT, Azure City has something for everyone. While it is not the capital of Meadowsburg, the Territory in which it resides, it is the most well-known city in the Territory.

A crude map to serve as a guideline until I have something more defined. -Jacob

The northern border runs along the Wellspring River, which flows into the Aretian Ocean. The capital city of Meadowsburg, Fielding City, is due West of Azure City. The southern border once welcomed people to and from Dusktide City. Dusktide City was the site of the accident where Heroes were considered too dangerous. The southern part of the city became the Slums, still standing but damage that spilled over from the accident has made people mostly abandon the area. Most of the lower-class families reside in this area due to the cheap housing.

The Industrial district uses the Wellspring River to generate most of the electrical power for the whole city and has several shipping companies on the side of it meeting the coast. Whether it’s importing and exporting goods or bringing in travelers, the Industrial district is where all of the major docks of the city are located.

Further down in the Market district is all of the city’s famous restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs. The southern half of the Market district’s coastline also has a very popular beach. Dusktide City was once the most popular beach destination on the coast, where as Azure City’s beach was seen as the smaller one reserved for the elites of society. Since the accident, Azure City is trying to expand the amount of people the beach can accommodate.

The University district is home to Azure University, one of the top 3 schools in the UPT and in the top 10 worldwide. There are many apartment buildings in this district, along with public library, numerous coffee shops, and most of the technology outlets of the city. While stereotypical, this environment has consistently proven to be ideal to the students who come here.

Finally, the Administrative district is where the capitol building of the city resides. Mayor Quincy Vazquez often plays host to Veronica Meadows, the Paragon of Meadowsburg, as well as other Paragons from the UPT and even foreign officials. While Vazquez is very diplomatic and friendly on the surface, he often shows cracks in his composure when it comes to villain problems as well as still dealing with the fallout of Dusktide City’s destruction. The Administrative district is mostly rich housing and hotels for visiting officials.

The Spire set up Guardian Angels HQ near the Slums near both the Market and Administrative districts. The Slums are unfortunately very prone to villain attacks and borders the Dusktide City ruins, where mysterious activity is common. This ultimately made this location ideal for the HQ, as not only are they in the most chaotic are of the city, they also have quick access to the Market and Administrative districts.

The Spire and his partner, Feather, also live and work in the Slums under their civilian identities. They are determined to push back the waves of crime in Azure City and are always looking for help.

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