Meet the Cast: The Spire

The Spire is the central hero at the heart of Aspire. The tabletop campaign may focus on the group of heroes that come together, but in this world The Spire is the reason they’re coming together in the first place. While he is not the most powerful hero around, his dedication to justice has made him a symbol to the people of Azure City that, perhaps, Heroes can be trusted again.

Art by silhouettehouseart, commissioned by Jacob

The Spire’s real name is Neil Mallory. He’s an electronics and programming expert, but before he focused on this he was an athlete with a promising career before an injury caused him to drop out of his physical aspirations and focus on growing his knowledge in multiple facets of technology.

The suit that Neil wears compensates for his injury, allowing him not only walk without a limp again, it also gives a significant boost to his strength and stamina. As The Spire, Neil can jump up to 50 feet in the air and land without issue, run up to 50 kilometers per hour, and lift up to 1000 kilograms without issue. He can push past these limits but it increases the risk of damage to his body since the suit can only handle so much.

His helmet gives him an augmented reality Heads Up Display, its most notable feature being identifying firearms and displaying their predicted trajectory, giving The Spire a very high chance of avoiding gunfire. The suit itself provides protection as well, but any damaged sustained runs the risk of damaging the electronics that power the suit.

Despite his knowledge on technology, Neil did not make the suit. He has studied it extensively and is capable of repairing it, but duplicating or enhancing its features has thus far proven to be beyond his ability.

In the tabletop campaign, The Spire serves as your primary contact for what’s going on in the city and how you can help. In the comic the origins of the suit are explored as well as how he formed his team, the Guardian Angels.

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